Why a Rage Room?

Maybe you’ve visited this website because you’re curious about the rage room industry. This type of business is brand new. Especially in the US. Your average everyday person may have never even heard of a rage room. But, one thing is for sure. The industry is growing rapidly. 5 years ago, you’d be lucky to find one of these in the closest nearby city. Now, they’re in almost every big city in the US. Some areas even have multiple.

The rage room industry is trending upward. Gaining more popularity with each passing day.

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Why are lots of rage rooms opening up all over the world?

Entrepreneurs and business people are starting to see the potential of this industry. The growing popularity. Cost of goods can be dirt cheap. That means big margins on all the smashing services offered. Everyone wants to be first to the party in their region. They want to be known as the premier rage room. Even if there is existing competition in the area, people want a piece of the market share.

What makes this business appealing to the consumer?

Studies show people are spending more money on experiences than ever before. Instead of buying material possessions. They feel more satisfied purchasing a memorable experience. Many are shifting to a more adventurous agenda. Wanting to try new things. Which is why a rage room is the perfect type of industry to get into right now.

A rage room provides an exciting and exhilarating experience to those who visit for entertainment. Others may visit a rage room to relieve stress or get their anger out. Whatever the reason, this business offers something appealing to many people. Something they have never done before. Think about it. Don’t you love doing things that you’ve never done? How many people have gotten to destroy everything inside of a room to pieces?

One of the biggest reasons people visit a rage room multiple times is the satisfaction of breaking things. Something about smashing an item to pieces feels good. This is because we feel a sense of control when we break things. Much of the reason we feel angry or stressed is because something is happening out of our control. Breaking things helps bring back this feeling of control. Which ultimately results in satisfaction.

Why would I want to consider starting a rage room?

The largest contributing factor in why you should consider starting a rage room is the cost of entry. Compared to similar retail entertainment businesses, rage rooms are significantly cheaper. Though they are relatively cheap to open up, this kind of business can still generate revenue and profits comparable to other retail entertainment locations. This low start-up cost is especially enticing for younger entrepreneurs. Who might not have $100,000 laying around to start a bar or restaurant.

Another reason to start a rage room sort of reiterates what was stated above. The industry is on the rise. And has been for years now. People are also spending less on material possessions. Many would rather purchase an experience. Both of these trends moving upward are another great argument as to why you should consider starting a rage room.

The core competency of a rage room is as simple as it gets in business once you’re up and running. You acquire breakables for cheap. Then charge participants for time and smashing items inside your rooms. Obviously, there are many other moving parts to a rage room. But, the real meat of this business is straightforward.

Lastly, a rage room environment is positive and exciting. People are just happy. Almost all of the time. Even if they aren’t happy when they arrive, you best bet they will be when they’re leaving! You’ll be around groups of friends and family cracking jokes and laughing. This kind of business setting can be a big draw for some when considering what business to start.

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You’re not gambling, you’re investing in your future.

It can be a leap of faith to buy learning material online from someone who isn’t a well known, household name. Although I’ve only started one rage room myself, I have knowledge of the rage room industry that I believe very few have. Experiencing success that is unheard with this type of business. I’ve given advice to aspiring rage room owners on their journey. Some of which are successfully operating. And I recognize what mistakes I made in my personal experience opening a rage room. I know the pain points and challenges involved starting one of these things. And how to work through them. The How To Start a Rage Room course is a product of all of my experience and commitment in the industry of rage rooms.

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