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What is Smash Solutions Essentials Edition?

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All The Basics You Must Know to Get Started Opening Your Own Rage Room​

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$ 19.00

Course Duration

Approx. 2 weeks

No Experience Necessary

Let me help you get started

What's Included?

This course contains the same 17 modules as the masterclass course. With smaller subsections within each different module. There are over 25 pages of written content total. These sections should be treated as steps to be completed in order when starting a rage room. 

Why make this essential course?

The essential course is made mostly for individuals who are looking to get more information with what’s involved starting a rage room. Before getting seriously committed. This provides them with an outline and what to expect.

It can also provide individuals who are seriously considering or in the process of starting a rage room some insight and different thought in many aspects of their start-up process. Without, paying the full price of the masterclass course.

In this course you will learn all about...

Essential vs Masterclass

The main difference between the essential and masterclass course is the detail and specifics. The essential course is a basic business plan on what it takes to open a rage room. It can be interpreted and completed in many different ways. Specifics and detail are not provided. It’s what I believe are the bare-bone essential steps needed in order to start a rage room.

The masterclass course contains all of the information as the essential course. But, it will provide you with the foundation needed for success on opening day. A formula that is proven already. It includes multiple interviews from professionals who have worked with a rage room. And images throughout. Providing specifics and instructions of what products and services needed. In-depth details on finding suppliers, facility layout, getting insurance coverage, and much more. You can preview the full masterclass course here.


Grow your brand and earn a full-time income from your new sustainable business.

In this course, I teach you how to start, scale, and thrive when it comes to the business of Rage Rooms. I’m giving you all the tools and guidance you need to successfully launch and grow a profitable rage room. Trust me, you do not want to go at this alone!

Rage Room expert Steven Shortino interview
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